Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

While visiting a blog recently, I found this campaign by UNICEF on child abuse. It saddens me to read stories of children being abused, and the fact that it happens quite regularly in our society makes me wonder what is happening to our so called caring society. I recalled the story of a toddler being hit and kicked to her death by a man in a park, and there were witnesses around watching the whole scene unfolded !!! I'm not sure whether the witnesses were adult or not... but it seemed that they did not intervene because they thought that he was her father !!! Even if he was her father, it was uncalled for. It was so tragic, poor child !

As a mother and a human being, I hope that such cases will be prevented in the future and I certainly hope that I shall not read another sad story like that ever again. So let us STOP CHILD ABUSE and give our support to the campaign.


Nana said...

Hi! Yes, I support the campaign!
A few days back here in Japan, a babysitter was arrested for child abuse and murder of a 5-year-old kid. The parents of the child had divorced and the father was given the custody. Father had to work so he left his only child to the babysitter who stayed at their home. The last time the father saw the child was 2 weeks back. The next thing he knew, the child was said to have been regularly abused then one day she was pushed by the babysitter and knocked her head on the floor, later she died of brain hemorrhage. Sedih kan? I am sure the father must have felt responsible about this too.

I amsterdam said...


That is truly sad :( , the poor kid did not even have the chance to be loved and cared by both parents!!! I bet the father must be feeling very guilty indeed.


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