Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Party

Christmas party for Year 4 was celebrated on Thursday 16th December 2010. I had been requested to prepare cupcakes/christmas biscuits by the class mum. Not feeling like going out in the cold searching for the biscuits, I decided to give my best effort in making the cupcakes even though I have never really done it before. Normally I made muffins, which some people say is different from cupcakes. Muffins are much easier than cupcakes even though they look the same :D I actually felt very nervous because I think these white mums surely make better cupcakes than me, afterall cupcake is surely their speciality right. I wanted to make our local dish like karipap or popia like I normally did at the ISA. But here it's a bit different, parents are emailed with a required to do list. Whereas at the ISA, it was more like "no pressure event", bring anything of finger food varieties. I know I could have informed them that I would be bringing a local food instead, but since it's christmas party I felt it might be a bit weird. At the ISA, it was always referred as year end party, so there was no theme involved so you can bring anything.

Anyway, back to my cupcakes projects. So that night I labourously baked cupcakes based on this recipe from this lovely book which I bought because it looked so cute even though I did not understand it :D

I did not have cocoa in stock, so I decided to add bananas instead. The last time I made banana muffins was when I was in Amsterdam and it was quite good if I may say so :) So, in a way I felt more confident with my project by now.

But this is how it turned out :(

Not only it looked ugly, it also looked and tasted heavy and definitely did not rise properly. I blamed the oven naturally :D (never my fault he.he..) I realise that my attempt before this, to make icecream cupcakes also resulted in similar condition. Perhaps I should cover the cupcakes with icing so that the ugliness would be hidden. Unfortunately my icing also turned out funny because I used the wrong sugar !!! In the end, I brought the cupcakes as it was and the icing mixture is still sitting in my fridge waiting for me to do something about it ha..ha..

Luckily I already decided to make some sushi as well for the party. It was intended more for Ilham, because he couldn't eat anything except chips and cookies. At the ISA, there were always some Japanese and Korean children, so Ilham had no problem in eating because the mothers would always made sushi or rice balls. But here at the BSN, there is no Japanese/Koreans in his class or the other year 4 class for that matter.

Hmm.... not bad right :D

Made 2 layers of that and it was all gone during lunch time. According to Ilham, Ms Kilbane the class teacher said it was so yummy...


Cheqna said...

The cupcake jadi macam kek pisang laa kot...so what was d verdict when you brought it to school?

the cupcakes that I've done so far didnt turn up perfect, may be bcos tuannya tak lah suka sangat makan kek tu, manis..(excuses, excuses..hehehe)

sushi mmm..yummy..may be one day I should try make it..something new to try my hands on


I amsterdam said...

He..he.. by the time I took back the tray, there were 7 left, I gave it to the hungry mothers & children, so all gone. It's not bad but it's not good either!!

Remember yr cupcake yg guna icecream tu?? I buat pun x jadi. Rasanya oven tu x berapa panas!!

He..he.. try yr luck at sushi pulak..

TK said...

Nak sushi! I loike!
Don blame yourself kek tu tak menjadi..always blame the recipe..hehe

I amsterdam said...

Yeah TK, something is wrong with the oven!!! and the recipe is funny, patut tak jadi!!!ha..ha..ha..


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