Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Proud Of You Irfan

This entry is specially dedicated to my dear grandnephew Irfan and even though it might be a wee bit late in being posted, it is nonetheless no less insignificant.

Congratulations to you Irfan, for not only getting 5As in the UPSR recently, but most of all for your courage, redha and tawakkal. Yes dear, you are brave enough and strong enough to withstand the exam even under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Circumstances that no one would ever want to experience themselves, circumstances that no one would ever wish for it to happen to someone as young as you. Only Allah knows how you felt on that fateful day, only Allah knows.

It could not have been easy entering the exam hall knowing that your dearest father had just died the night before. Thoughts of his jenazah being driven all the way from Johor must have intruded from time to time while you were answering the questions, yet you managed to hold on. The feeling of sadness, confusion, helplessness and perhaps anger too, must have been so overpowering, so great, it could have crippled a lesser person, yet you persevered.

The last two weeks before the exam was a difficult time indeed, ever since the tragedy of the small plane crash which resulted in him being hospitalised far away in Johor. The fact that the incident happened in the holy month of Ramadhan and so close to Hari Raya, somehow made it even worse. But you were strong, you were indeed a pillar of strenght to your three younger sisters. You had to... you had no choice... your dear mother had to be with your father in this time of need.

But your strenght crumbled the night he died, anyone would have too.... You didn't want to sit for the exam the following day, you didn't care anymore, you just wanted to cry. But people cared, neighbours, family friends and your own teachers all came to give you support and to talk to you, and you finally relented. That night, you slept with his kain pelikat as your blanket, hugging it close to your body, wishing that it was his warmth instead.

Dear Irfan, losing someone you love is never easy. How I know it.... But you did well, in fact you were able to bear it all and come out of it with flying colours. Your dearest father would have been so proud of you. I hope that you will grow to be a stronger person and be a responsible son your parents would have wanted you to be, insyaAllah.


Nana said...

Congratulations to Irfan! Gosh, it must have been hard for him to accept the fact. And to do well in UPSR during difficult times, I solute his dedication and his strong will. Wishing him all the best in his future undertakings. Insyaallah he'll do good!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Irfan dear,
Congratulations!!!! ((((HUGS)))) purrrr....meow!

TK said...

Congratulations to Irfan..
Sedihlah baca..because I have a son his age. My son at 12 badannya bole tahan besar but masih sgt2 manja..It must be very hard for Irfan.
Semoga Irfan will be strong..

I amsterdam said...


Personally I think UPSR puts unnecessary pressure to students, I just want them to enjoy learning and have interest to acquire knowledge..thats more important. But when this incident happened, I did hope he would get good results to boost his confidence and give him a little happiness during the dark period of his life.

I amsterdam said...

TQ Angelina, MMUUAAHHH (on behalf of Irfan-he loves furfriends too, been feeding stray cats at his home)

Arwah promised him, if he gets 5As, he would bring Irfan to Sydney, just the two of them, a father-son time together. Now it would never be...

I amsterdam said...

TK, it was sad. Initially family wanted to keep the news from the children at least until Irfan went to his UPSR exam(last day), after all jenazah had to be driven from Johor to Kedah, it took time to arrive. But then, people kept coming to the house that night, and the children were confused. Irfan kept asking his grandma "Ada apa Tok, habaq la", "pasai apa tok duk dlm bilik je". He get more confused when his teachers also came.

That night, adik Irfan, 6 year old Izzah slept wearing her father's kemeja...

Cheqna said...

Touching post, I wouldn't wish for any kids to face this..but Allah SWT knows best.

Alhamdullillah, with his many supportive family, friends and people surrounding him, he made my heartiest congratulations to him..may he be successful in his future..and insyaAllah be the pillar of strength to his mum and siblings.

thank you for sharing this my fren.

I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

Only Allah knows best...

Masih terngiang2 di telinga, arwah berkata pd isterinya depan IA, (10 days b4 he crashed & I was still in M'sia)-"Tukaq la kereta ni, kalau abang mati, pejam mata rapat". Dia juga kata "Abg nak pakai baju jubah lepas ni, kita kena balik pada asal-usul kita"

He was a good son to his parents, ever respectful to his elders... His death affected me somehow, reminds me of arwah Ikram, 9++ years ago. Maybe one day I will write about him. Semuga rohnya ditempatkan bersama org2 yg beriman.


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