Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mr Plumbly's House

While going through Ilham's file yesterday, I found some school works which he did in grade 1 at the International School of Amsterdam (ISA). Thought to myself that I might as well post them on the blog.

Ilham joined the school in February 2009, so that gave him a few months in Grade 1 until the middle of June. Luckily he was able to follow the lessons otherwise he would not be going into Grade 2 in August. There was a Korean girl who joined the class in March 2009 but she couldn't go into Grade 2 because the class teacher thought that she was somehow not matured enough and might not be able to follow grade 2's lessons. Her parents met with the Lower School Head to protest but to no avail :(

Anyway, back to the school work, I'm not sure whether this work was covered under Unit Of Inquiry or not. It probably was, but I wasn't sure under which topic. I wasn't that aware of the school's curriculum then :) The students were given a poem/story of Mr Plumbly's House and then they were asked to draw their version of the house on the computer. It was simple enough, but it was interesting to see how each student interprete them.

This is Ilham's version of Mr Plumbly's House

Based on this poem :)

And these are the students works :)

I loved looking at the drawings, I wish I had taken a picture of each of the work, then we could see clearly how creative the students were.


Cheqna said...

I thot Mr Plumbly is a plumber..and expected a house with lots of pipes..hehehe..

congrats! nice one by Ilham, colourful.

keep on digging into his precious work.


I amsterdam said...

he..he.. and I kept writing Mr Plumby :D don't know why the name had to be tounge twisting!!!

TK said...

Very interesting activity!It makes them think before coloring.. I have always love children's art work. They are always so colorful and bright. Comelnya all those drawings..kan.Ilham punya striped house yg paling cantik sbb colorful gitu..

I amsterdam said...

Auntie TK,

You are so niceee to me - Ilham :D

Did u see the white house with the 2 striped house on either side of it?? When I first saw it, I thought ehhh why the house is white?? Then I reread the poem.. baru perasan ha..ha..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
Moral of the story is: Economics. Mr Plumbly and his neighbours are good for the economy. They support the paint industry. purrrr.....meow!

Nana said...

Picasso in the making!
Very very creative ideas. It involves thinking process. I like it very much!

I amsterdam said...

Dear cat,

Ha..ha..ha.. who else would be helping the industry huh??

I amsterdam said...

Dear Nana,

It does make you think before u start painting right? It's not simply doodling... yeah..I like it too :D


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