Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Freestyle Practice

Can this be Wordless Wednesday ???

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scientist On The Making...

I do not seem to have time for Ilham's learning lately.... all I did was just to make sure he does his reading everyday and his mathletics once a week. His home learning ??? I totally ignored that for almost a month !!!

We are supposed to submit at least 6 home learnings in the second term. We only submitted 3 and we had only 3 weeks before the term ends !!! I received a reminder by his teacher that states something like this "Your son had only submitted 3 HL so far, he has 3 more to do and only 3 more weeks left". Ohhh dear.... I thought we could get away with not doing it !!! And yesterday, I received another reminder in his diary "1 more HL and 1 week left". One way or another, Ilham has to do the final one by next Monday. I know what he wants to do... some sort of exercise that he could show to his friends in class, unfortunately he needs a gadget to monitor his pulse and that is something that I have yet to find and have no idea where to find it !!!

He is into science nowadays, that's the reason for the pulse checking exercise.... Last week he came home wanting to do this experiment...

Requirement :-

Water, oil and salt

Instructions :-

  • Pour in water in a glass
  • Pour in oil
  • Put some salt in

      And walaaa.....

      Bubble creations....

      It's very interesting..... To be honest, I have never done it in my student days.....

      Never too late to learn :D


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