Thursday, December 16, 2010

Temple Of The Doom

One good thing about Home Learning(HL) is that it forces me to "study" and do research in order to assist Ilham. While doing that, I learn many new things as well and sometimes it made me recall things that I had forgotten. I like it most of the time, that is. Doing research can be time consuming, and sometimes we didn't have that. We need to sit down together, otherwise it will be my homework and not Ilham's!!!

For the second HL project, we thought of making a temple of ancient egyptian. As usual, I suggested it to Ilham because I thought it was one of the easiest thing to do and didn't require much time to complete :D Afterall my motto is "Don't complicate your life" :D So, we sat down together and browse through the internet looking at various designs of ancient egyptian temples. We tried to find common things that these temples had and any special features about them.

Some of the temples are truly interesting like the Abu Simple Temples. Looking at the photos of the two temples (great and small temples), I remember watching a TV documentary on how this temples were relocated in the 1960s, from its original location on the bank of River Nile. The relocation was necessary to avoid it from being submerged by the rising water of River Nile due to the building of Aswan Dam. The temple complex was originally carved out of the mountainside during the reign of Pharoah Ramesses II in the 1240s BC. During the relocation, the entire complex was carefully cut into large blocks, dismantled, lifted and reassembled at the current location.

The temples during the day and at night

It was believed that the axis of the temples was positioned by the ancient Egyptian architects in such a way that on 21st October and 21st February, the ray of the sun would penetrate and illuminate the sculptures on the back wall except the statue of Ptah (the so called god of the underworld).

Ok, back to HL, Ilham was very excited about the project. He made a temple with LEGO pieces, complete with a pyramid, palm tree(I think it should be date tree right??) and river Nile. The temple was built and then kept being dismantled and reassembled for a few times. He was no architect mind you, so he made the temple without really thinking and without proper planning :D He started building from the back of the temple, eventhough I advised him to start from the front. So in the end I made the entrance (but he modified it) and we had to move it a few times trying to place it at the centre and the right size. We also had to keep dismantling parts of the temple so the colours would balance and mix nicely. He insisted to put hidden treasures inside the pyramid just like the real ones. That was a real pleasure for him, he had such fun showing the treasure to his classmates :D

Side view (picture taken before the inclusion of funny looking pharaoh and priest)

Front view

Yeah... we had fun doing this. Even DH was also involved :) he placed the small yellow "statues" at the side of the temple and he added top part of the entrance, making it looked like a triangle. He even put a LEGO man on top of it (but we took it out before going to school he..he... Ilham didn't like it).


Cheqna said...

waah, that's fun..n creative la with that LEGO..congrats to Ilham n mum (the front view photo tu nampak macam robot dalam cartoon series - apatah yg boleh tukar2 tu..hehehe)

I think kan by the end of his school there, u'll be history buff as well.


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
Where's the Sphinx? Lupa ke? purrrr.....meow!

I amsterdam said...

He..he.. robot transformer u mean??

Ohh... just hope that I will have more knowledge of the world in general (mcm baguih je he..he..)

I amsterdam said...

Uhh..uhh.. cat, we did not forget, just didn't have any idea how to make it :D Besides, we were running out of lego pieces :)

Nana said...

That's very creative! Nice piece of project there. Wahh...mama kena banyak study. Kalau tak nanti ada yang buat bangunan Taj Mahal instead of Egyptian buildings. ;)
This idea of home learning is great. It involves the parents. By doing the project work, parents get to learn how the kid thinks and can try lead them to explore their mind more. I am sure Ilham was excited!

I amsterdam said...


HL is great, but sometimes I feel that the school is pushing the projects to parents. It becomes our responsibility to make sure they were done. I have yet to see a similar things being done in school!! So it made me wonder what were they doing in school!! I think I am still blurred about the school syllabus he..he..

TK said...

Very fun activity indeed...
Lama dah anak2 tak main lego..asyik2 dok main game je..

I amsterdam said...

Hai TK,

Tu lah... I lebih suka depa main lego, kut2 otak tu kreatif la sikit he..he..

Tapi sejak ada PS la, computer game la... hai pening tengok depa... tapi depa tak pulak pening tengok skrin tu lama2... (sigh)

Cheqna said...

haha thats it, transformer lah I think..and all I could remember then was the power rangers and their colourful suits..hehehe


I amsterdam said...

Cheqna, you watch power rangers too?? :D


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