Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Snow Of The Year

Huhuu... the first snow has fallen yesterday !!! In November !!!

Ilham was very excited, kept looking out the window...

This morning, he wanted to be the first to step on the fresh snow.

But look who has beaten him to it....





Hmmmm some alien creature it seems....

Maybe two alien creatures ???? Of the four legged variaties ???

What do you think???

Definitely not this adorable duckies !!!!


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Nope. That's not my paw prints. It's officially summer over here. purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...

haha..ada cats yg perasaaan :)

how i miss d winter time..but nowadays dah tak tahan sejuknya..air-con pasang lama pun dah mengigil..hehe

Enjoy the snow!


I amsterdam said...

Ha..ha.. I know who the culprit is, he/she looks exactly like Pingu, could have been his twin!! The Pingu look-a-like had almost p**d in my garden once.

I amsterdam said...


If you grow fur like cats down under, you would never feel cold again :)))

Cheqna said...

hahaha..perish the thot..me with fur?.. angie would scratch my eyes out..with jealousy!..:-)

I amsterdam said...


TK said...

Wah..dah snowing..must be very cold.
Love the last picture of the ducks..
Here in Malaysia itik pun susah nak jumpa..
Have fun playing in the snow, Ilham..

I amsterdam said...

Hi TK, its funny you know. I always associate ducks/chicken with kampung life. But I have to admit its more difficult to find ducks in my kampung now.

And yet, when I come here, they are everywhere!! And most of them are wild ducks!! They roam freely, no one kills them.. in fact they are protected, they have tags on their feet!!

One day TK, I will write about them in my other blog. I've already started a new blog about holland life... Hope u will read it too :)))


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