Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mix and Match

These are Ilham's gloves

Or rather, what's left of it :)

He keeps losing them...

This one was bought in early October, for the coming winter.

"Don't you ever lose it again dear..." - mama said

But he already lost the half !!! On the very first day !!!

As a penalty, he had to use these.....

But he was embarrassed,

Always kept his gloved hands in the pocket,

In case people noticed it :))


Bought this yesterday

Hope that it will last through the winter,

At least :)))


TK said...

Cutenya Ilham kena pkai gloves sebelah lain
Ilham kena cari girlfren anak toke gloves ni hehe..
Budak2 gitulah..anak2 I slalu misplaced stokin. Bila maid I balik kampung, jadi huru hara. Disebabkan malas nak cari2, I simpan stok stokin..

I amsterdam said...

Ha..ha..ha.. , stoking tak ada masalah, we have lots coz need to change everyday.

Why do u think I keep the mismatched gloves? For emergency!!!

Btw, Ilham also manage to lose his school pants!! :))

Cheqna said...

Eh, how come he lost his school pants?..where? where?..hehehe..

one option is to buy 2 sets whenever you buy gloves, another one is to buy same ones everytime, no fancy2 one so if he loses one half, he has immediate replacement...ha ha


I amsterdam said...


I told him it's ok to wear his judo pants home, so.. he left the uniform!! :))

We tried to get the same gloves, unfortunately, the shop didn't have his size....

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Hmmm....tsk tsk tsk...if Ilham has fur like me he won't need gloves. purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...


I amsterdam said...

Dear Angelina,

If ilham had fur like you... he would probably be swinging frm the trees oooops!!! Just kidding!! hahahaa


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