Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome To Grade 2

After deliberating for so many months, my dear husband had finally given the green light for me to inform the ISA that Ilham would be returning to ISA. Hooray!!! I was so happy, I was not ready to move to Den Haag yet, and Ilham definitely didn't want to go anywhere.... He loved the school and his friends. Despite being the only Malaysian at the school, he had enjoyed his international circle of friends.... Unfortunately grade 1 students had been reshuffled and except for Noah, he has new classmates. "But it's ok, I will make new friends". Ha.... that's the spirit boy.

So, here's the class teacher Ms Kimura a Japanese Canadian and her students.
Sitting on the floor from left : Derk(Dutch) and Nils(German).
Sitting on chair from left : Sofia(Argentinian), Ilham, Noah(American), Victoria(Austrian), Benjamin(Dutch), Kaiya(Japan), Fransisco(American), Lucas(Dutch) and Helen(American)
Standing from left : Dana(Israel), Eitan(Argentinian), Ms Kimura, Su Yeon(Korean) and Britt(American).
There's a new girl, Razan who's not in the picture. She's supposed to be Arabic but Ilham was not sure because the girl does not speak much English. Hmmm.... Quite a mixture of different nationalities huh....

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