Sunday, December 6, 2009


"Jangan lupa beli gula-gula untuk budak-budak", my dear husband reminded me on Friday morning before the Halloween. "Tapi kat sini depa tak sambut Halloween" I replied. So I didn't buy any....

But my dear husband said that some kids did come to the house last year, so he bought some on Saturday morning. "We don't want to disappoint them when they come". He even bought a vampire cape when Ilham asked for it. "This is just for fun...we do not celebrate Halloween, it's not our culture, but you can wear the cape to greet the kids when they come" he reminded our son

So that evening, Ilham waited anxiously wearing his cape complete with face painting, for the kids, any kid, to come. He even took out the pumpkin that both of them had carved the week before and put it outside next to the door.

He waited and waited and waited, but no one came......

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