Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Special Card

What is a new year to a seven year old?

Each year, we Malaysians actually enjoy 3 different new years Maal Hijrah, The New Year and The Lunar New Year. Whether we celebrate them or not is another matter, but I'm sure we look forward to the new years simply because they are all public holidays!!

So, what does a new year mean to me? I have to admit that except for The New Year, I rarely keep tracks of the other 2. When The New Year approaches, I sometimes have a certain feeling of regrets, regret that another year has gone by and I have yet to become a better person. As for Maal Hijrah, even though I do not normally count how many more days to Hijrah, I make it a point to call my mother a few days before to remind her. By doing that, I remind myself as well.

I never really think of what these new years mean to my son. Not until I received this present from him on the last day of school last week. Of course I knew that I was going to get a card from him, you see 2 days before he had accidentally blurted that he was making a present for me, that it's supposed to be a secret (can't keep a secret from your mum!) . What else a 7 year old would be making, of course a card, a Christmas card perhaps because Christmas was just around the corner.

So, this is what I received from him....

A New Year is fun, happy to start a New Year
A New Year sounds like fire works exploding in the sky, lion dance
A New Year smells like yummy foods, fire work smoke
A New Year tastes like nice food, nice drinks, mandarin oranges
A New Year feels like a hot day, lion dancing on the street

Regardless of what his impression of the new year is, I treasure it all the same........

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