Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Snowing !!!

We woke up on Thursday morning to see a blanket of white snow everywhere . It's snowing !!! How wonderful !!! When Ilham and I arrived in Amsterdam December 22nd last year, it was freezingly cold and soon after that the canals were frozen, but there were no snow. Yes, there were frost and sleet, but there were no snow !! It's amazing because last week on Friday, the temperature was still around 10/9 celcius, and on Saturday it dropped to 5 and now it's minus 1/0 celcius.

After a quick breakfast, we both went out to the nearby field to fulfill our own agendas: me - to get some pictures and Ilham - to play with the snow :) Ohh... it's so beautiful. The snow was not as thick as I wanted it to be but it's still serene and beautiful. My mood was spoiled by the fact that the battery was exhausted :( and I couldn't capture the scenic view but I promised myself to come back, afterall it's only walking distance from the house.

But Ilham had fun cycling and kicking the snow at the same time, he even pretended to slip and fall on the slippery snow a few times. As if I didn't know the tactic :) It's a pity that we didn't have a sleigh, he had to make do by sliding using his shoes.

When we got home, Ilham was greeted by a snow ball thrown by our neighbour. That started the snow fight and it went on for quite a while. Our Dutch neighbour was a very nice person. The fact that he couldn't speak English and my own Dutch was limited to "Goede morgen, hoe gaat het met je ?", never stopped him from greeting me every time we met.

It's been a wonderful day, it's even more special for the fact that Maal Hijrah 1431 is on Friday 18th. What a nice way to greet the new year. I just hope that the year ahead will be as pure and as white and unblemished as the white snow for our family, InsyaAllah.


Cheqna said...

wow...bestnya snowing...miss playing in d snow, making abc...ha ha ha...

I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,
I was sure I replied to this comment b4, don't know where it went to :) Anyway we have more snow now, enough to cause havoc to Eurostar. It's even more beautiful... wish u were here.


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