Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Sonata

It's been a week since the second snowfall and what a lot of snow it was. Apparently Holland had not had this much of snow for quite some time, some said for 20 years and some even said since they were small. My elderly Dutch neighbour said that "it was so unusual to have this much of snow". It was heavy enough to cause cancellations and disruptions to the train schedules on Monday and I'm sure it was the same snow which had caused chaos to the Eurostar services.

But for us, the snow was like a dream come true. That Sunday morning, my dear husband had promised to bring a new Malaysian family to the Turkish market in Beverwijk, a smaller town north of Amsterdam. So, off he went driving slowly in the snow with a promise to come home early. By midday, more and more snow had fallen and its a shame that Ilham didn't have anybody else to enjoy and play in the snow. I persuaded my dear husband to shorten his trip and bring the family to our home instead, so the kids can play together, which he did. We had a wonderful time taking pictures around the area, making snowman and joining the kids in the snow fights. Walking slowly back home, Ilham was suddenly hit by a snowball thrown by a Dutch kid. The startled children rallied back and all signs of tiredness disappeared as they vigorously attacked the 2 kids. Of course the Dutch kids were outnumbered, it was five, including the mothers :) against two.

It was truly a beautiful day and it was certainly the bestest day for Ilham.....

The almost frozen canal

Ais kacang anyone?

Azza, Ilham and Haikal

The giant snowball and............. The snowfight


Cheqna said...

could gather that all of u had fun!..syoknya..wish i was there to snow fight as well...

one ice kacang with syrup for me..hehehe..

enjoy the sonata!


I amsterdam said...

We sure did have lots of fun, ais kacang and all :)


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