Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

During our trip to Maastrict recently, we found this little shop in the village of Bemelen selling huge pumpkins at low prices. Never seen such big ones before, we decided to buy one well.... a much smaller one. Afterall, it's just over a week until Halloween and perhaps we could make a family activity out of the occasion.

So that Sunday, my dear husband and son were buzy browsing in the internet, looking for interesting designs to copy. We had never done it, so it's important that we did it nicely the first time. Having chosen the design that they wanted, both of them started their most important job of all for that day. It's not easy mind you, we did not have the sharp knife and tools that a fruit carver normally has.....

So, after poking here and there, a little stabbing (is it too strong a word?) here and there and scrape and scrape and scrape for what seemed like hours........ there that's the end result !! They were quite proud of their masterpiece. It might not win the best award but they did it !!

But what they did not know was that, they carved the pumpkin much too soon. By the time Halloween came, moles and fungus had started to appear on the inside and the carving was not that firm anymore. But they sure did have fun.......


taehee said...

So nice Halloween pumpkin!

I amsterdam said...

Dear Taehee,
Not bad huh... :)


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