Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our International Class

This is one of the Unit of Inquiries that Grade 1 learned at the ISA. It is covered under the unit themed Where We Are In Time And Place. Under this unit, the children learned about their personal histories as part of understanding themselves and their place in the community and the world.

Using a certain programme, they completed short sentences about where they were born, what languages they spoke, where they have lived, etc. They inserted their photograph, their flag, added a background colour and manipulated the text font.

This is Ilham's. Note that he believed he once lived in Indonesia which he never did :D

The children wrote their own sentenses , so you will notice the misspelling :)

This is Noah, Ilham's best friend. He's been staying in Japan since he was born that he believed he was Japanese. He loved anything Japan....isn't that cute??

Towards the end of the inquiry, the children were supposed to compile things special to their country and themselves in a box and bring it to class. Over the next few days, they will take turns showing and explaining these items to the class.

We put in money and coins and Ilham drew a paper keris.

The cover was adorned with Jalur Gemilang :D

Notice the blue notebook in the box? What's inside the book....

We put in cuttings of festivals celebrated in Malaysia, photos of wau bulan, gasing and congkak, photos of silat performers and also pictures of KLCC which Ilham took pride in telling that it was the tallest twin tower :D

We had fun doing this and I think Ilham learned a lot too about our culture and country. I took the opportunity to explain to him the traditional games and silat. We even browse the internet to learn silat movements and actually learned a few zapin steps :D

I am truly glad that they had this inquiry. These culture are all around us, but sometimes we are somehow too engrossed in other things that we never realise that our children do not know much about it.


Dari Kelate Ke Copenhagen said... notebook about Malaysia? menarik!! :)

I amsterdam said...


Yes.. so many things to write & tell, but only so much a 6 year old can remember :D

Cheqna said...

Nicely done (the scrap book)..and yes..I was wondering bila u all stayed in Indonesia..hehehe..

Ilham's activities are so interesting, wish I could adopt them for my nieces.


I amsterdam said...

He..he.. tu la akibatnya ada Cik An for so long!! Bila ditanya, he said "Dulu kita selalu hantaq Cik An kat Indonesia (sebenarnya kami pi Sentul). When I said "Indon tu jauh kena naik k/terbang". He said "Ada.. dulu kita naik k/terbang ngan cik an" Sebenarnya kami pi Sibu je!! He..he..

Nanny cheqna, sure u can make activities like that with yr nieces!! Bukan susah pun :D

Nana said...

It's a wonderful project! Very creative outcome too!My son surely needs this to remind him of his own country.

I amsterdam said...

Yeah Nana.. i think it's good to do this kind of things. I was "terdiam sekejap" when i realised that he didn't know what is congkak, silat & wau bulan. Somehow i just assumed that he knew!!


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