Friday, January 21, 2011

Forensic Science

We bought this book at the book fair last November and Ilham loves it. I'm glad I bought it after all..... Initially I wanted him to choose another book because this book was not his normal favourite types and it might ended up on the shelf unread or halfway read !!! He promised that he would read it... so I relented. He loves it so much now that he wants to be an investigator when he grows up just like those in the CSI series :D But I told him he can't make a living in Malaysia if he becomes one. So he'd better think again. But of course I don't take him seriously.... his career dreams change as often as he changes his clothes and depend on who or what inspires him at the time :D

So far he wanted to be an astronaut (after a real astronaut came to school) and he dreamed to do spacewalk just like Steve Smith - the astronaut (read more on the astronaut's visit here). He said it would be cool to wear diapers when you go spacewalking :D He drew himself spacewalking and then asked me to keep the drawings for the future so that he could show the drawings to the school children that he would one day go and visit - just like Steve Smith. Now, where are the drawings ??? Ohhh... I must find it just in case he becomes one :D

Then, he wanted to be a professional footballer, after he joined football sessions at the school. His dream to be one reinforced after all that hooohaaa with the World Cup :D He wanted to be a goalkeeper just like Edwin van der Sar, the Dutch who used to play for Manchester United. When I asked him why he wanted to be a goalkeeper, he said "being a midfielder or an attacker is a lot of work, one has to run around the field and more...." and another thing, this is a secret mind you... he is afraid of being tackled !!!! Ha...ha...ha...

When I mentioned astronaut to him.... he said "I could be both". "When I am not spacewalking or I'm not at the ISS.... then I can play football". "Yeahhh... it's a lot of work...", and he mulled it over for quite sometime. Obviously Extra Work is something that he tries to avoid !!!!

At one time, he wanted to be an artist. All because everybody (he claimed) in his class liked his drawings. They voted for his drawing to represent their class to be repainted on the big elephant, it was part of a save the elephant project. When asked what did he draw.... he said, "it's an unfinished weird looking lion with a hamster's head", and I thought to myself " !!!??@??!!!?? " I found that piece of drawing recently when I was looking through his works from ISA and I just couldn't imagine why his friends would want to vote for his drawing !!!!

Then another time, he wanted to be a story teller. During the book week last year (you can read here), the ISA invited a story teller to come and meet the Lower School students. He was so impressed with the Irish fella that he wanted to be just like him. He said it would be fun to make people laugh. For weeks on end, I had to endure all these funny noises of him trying to imitate the guy !!! When we left the ISA for good last June, the school librarian gave him a copy of the story teller's dvd and said that she still remembered how Ilham laughed so hard when listening to the story teller.

So this is no different, he will soon get other ideas. And while he is on this dream, let's see whether he succeeds in trying to be one....

Solving The Case of The Dead Snowman...

Hmmm... I wonder what he's trying to say here?

Conclusion?? I DON'T get it !!!! Fine CSI he would be !!!! ha...ha...ha...


Nana said...

Haha...I get it. He solved the case of melted snowman! So creative! :)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
I think he can be a good storyteller....from the way he writes. Such imagination he has. purrr.....meow!

Cheqna said...

Dear Ilham,

Being an astronaut, when you are not flying to space, you can be in the field as goalkeeper..

and should your attackers make the opposite team bz on the other side, you can draw the ongoing game,

and write a story on it for future story-telling sessions..

CSIs..?..let's just watch the TV series..hehe..

i amsterdam said...

Dear Nana,

To be honest, i don't know how he reasoned it out he..he..

i amsterdam said...

Dear Cats,

I do hope he learns to express it in writing :D

i amsterdam said...

That's a good idea Cheqna !! he..he..


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