Saturday, January 8, 2011

More on Flat Ben

Ilham wrote quite a few entries on his adventures with Flat Ben. I tried to take more pictures of his work, but it didn't turn out good because sometimes the writings were not dark enough for my camera. I really should scan them, but we do not have one at home, and I do not want to trouble DH at work.
Some of the writings were rather funny and some were quite violent.. Oh dear, it must be the influence of all these games and fightings on TV !!! Anyway, from the way he wrote I could see that he did have all these ideas in his head but he still had trouble getting it out on paper. It is normal, according to the teacher. She said something about the young mind is still not able to send it to the hands(my understanding of what she said!!!). But he was ok, some kids are not able to write at all.

Story of him & Flat Ben in the tub. Read this "....hes like a boat at the stormy seas of the tub." I thought that was quite poetic he..he..

Story at Ajax stadium . When he came home, he realised that he would not get any presents from us because his 8th birthday fell within the 3 months period.

Such wild imagination and err violent too... In reality, Flat Ben only fell to the floor next to his feet!!!

However way he wrote them, we still treasure them nonetheless.


Ravishing In Red said...

kreatif dan inovatif :D

TK said...

Cute ayat tu.....stormy seas of the tub..Last year I baca essay anak I tergelak terguling2..mcm2 ayat dia. You are so rite mmg TV/games influence la tu. I had to correct him all the time last year sbb nak exam UPSR dah..

Nana said... cute. But I think his intention was to make the story sounds more exciting. Hence a little dramatic ending! hahaha. Very creative mind he has! :)

I amsterdam said...

Hi Ravishing in Red,

Kreatif? Mungkin ya, inovatif? He..he.. I doubt it :D But his mama still say "oh yeah... nice work!!!"

I amsterdam said...


I was horrified when i read "...Flat Ben's head come off..."!!!

But I think if his writing makes you guling2, then he is on the right track.. meaning he has an imagination!! I think it's good, honest :D

I amsterdam said...


He does tend to over imagining things.. sometimes when he looked at the cloud, he would say "that's a horse, that's a dragon.." When I looked at the cloud, I didn't see any animls!! But sometimes he freaked me out when he said "I saw a ghost..."

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Told you he was imagining Ben 10. har har har *evil laughs*

I amsterdam said...

Dear Cats,

Let's hope he is not imagining that a sweet cat like you (who just moved to be our neighbour) is not somekind of a monster otherwise he would be using the Ben 10 fighting skills to err... squeeze the life out of you. He already asked me whether it's true that a cat has 9 lives.. and itching to test the saying. har.. har.. har..


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