Thursday, January 27, 2011

King Henry And His Wives.....

"Mama, do you know that King Henry VIII married a horse??"

Stunned and perplexed, I asked him to repeat again... you know just to be sure.... My mind was buzy finding other similar sounded words....

"He married a HORSE !!!"

"You mean King Henry married a horse as in the four-legged kind with a tail and whatnot?"

"Yeah... he was a cruel king, he had many wives and he killed most of them because they didn't give him a son!!! First he married Catherine then he divorced her, second he married Anne and she was beheaded, then he married Jane and she died, and then he married Anne and he divorced her because she turned out to be a HORSE, it's weird...."

Yes it is weird. Maybe he misunderstood.... Now to think of it, horse and w****s do sound similar right??? What should I say?? Should I tell him what I suspect is the real word ??? And after that, I have to explain to him what it means?? Ohh nooo..... I could be wrong too, afterall I don't know the history of the Tudors... and I don't know whom King Henry married !!

"What makes you think he married a horse?? Did your teacher tell you?"

"Well, we were watching the you tube videos"

Smiling, I asked him "Don't you think it funny that King Henry didn't know that he was marrying a horse during the ceremony? I mean, how do you think the HORSE walk?? How do you think they disguised the bride with the tail and all?? "

"Yeah... it's funny and really really weird..." he went off singing...

Divorced, beheaded and died
Divorced, beheaded, survived

I'm Henry the VIII
I had six sorry wives

Divorced, beheaded and died
Divorced, beheaded, survived

"Mama? What is divorced?" he called out. Glad of the sudden respite... I explained the meaning.

It is funny and disturbing too. Did Henry marry a w**** ?? No doubt Ilham didn't know the meaning of the word, never heard of it... but for a child to think that a man could marry a horse ?? Is he that naive ??

The first thing I did when I had some free time was to check on this you tube song...

Hmmm... now I'm beginning to get the idea. And after further check on the wiki, I'm you could say, an expert on the Tudors :D

So, after school today, I was ready to explain the whole thing to him but before I could do that Ilham said,

"Oh that thingy? Well King Henry claimed that she looked like a horse so he could divorce her!!"

I'm glad he gets it..., but it sure worries me for a while. Reflecting back, I think I was the one who was overanxious and jumped to conclusions and now I feel so s****d!!! he...he...he...


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
Hmmm...I'd tell Ilham: "Now now...don't you grow up like King Henry VIII. He's been dead hundreds of years and people still talk about him. Not good." purrrr....meow!

Nana said...

Ohh, it's nice to know that they are exposed to European history at this age. It must be exciting to learn about the different eras and all. Masa sekolah dulu, baca sejarah pun sebab nak ambik exam. So tak mendalami sangat sejarah melayu/sejarah dunia. I am so ashamed! But our educational system was too exam oriented! I hope they have change it. I wish I had the opportunity to learn and be able to enjoy instead of having the exams pressure at the back of my head.

TK said...

I think having 6 wives is normal for a king. Chulalongkorn has more wives!!hehe..Thanks for sharig the video. Now I know all the wives' names. All this while tau Anne je..
BTW, the video is interesting. Kesian budak sekolah kat Malaysia. They learn history the boring way. Cikgu asyik suruh salin nota salin nota. Kita kena buat video so that our children can enjoy history. History is one of the most boring subjects especially kalau cikgu buat kita ngantuk..

i amsterdam said...


Dear Cats,'s all the bad things people remember!!

i amsterdam said...

Dear Nana,

If they were to make a video like that in M'sia, they would end up in isa ha..ha..

I loved history.. but not for exams!! It means more memorizing!!!

i amsterdam said...

Dear TK,

At least you know Anne Boleyn!!! I didn't! I've come across the name...but only now I realise the connection... so maybe horrible histories video like that is good afterall he..he..

And now i have to read on Chulalongkorn... dah lupa berapa isteri dia ada :D


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