Saturday, April 17, 2010

Story Telling At ISA

Niall De Burca I have been told, is a story teller from Ireland. He had been invited to the ISA to entertain the students during the Book Week last Tuesday and Wednesday. I actually had been expecting an author to come as last year an author was invited, and he had given a workshop to students and parents on how to write your own story. I found the workshop to be very interesting and yet quite alarming experience as well, maybe I should write about it one day. Anyway, since Ilham found Mr De Burca to be very funny (he met him earlier in the morning), I decided to join the workshop in the afternoon and managed to get a video clip and few photos of Mr De Burca entertaining the children. Ilham certainly enjoyed his story from the way he was laughing :))


Cheqna said...

the kids looked they really were having fun...


I amsterdam said...

I tak la rasa funny sangat-sangat, tapi memang budak2 agaknya suka benda2 macam tu kut :)


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