Monday, April 19, 2010

Mystery Reader In The Library

I gave up trying to upload a video clip of Mr De Burca entertaining the kids with his story, I tried 3 times and all of them ended up with contact Help Support. So instead, I'm going to write about Mystery Reader in the library of Lower School. This time, we only managed to attend only two occassions of the Mystery Reader in the library. Couldn't help it, we were late....

The first day, Paula the librarian and her assistant had read "Once Upon A Motorcycle Dude". They even dressed up as a princess and the ruffy dude. I have read the book, it is very funny :). It is a shame that I forgot to bring the camera that day!!

Then, on another day, they had an EAL teacher as the Mystery Reader. He was reading a book about this baby crocodile who wants to eat a child. Hmm... quite interesting. Here's some photos of him.


Cheqna said...

may be u could try split the video into shorter parts and try to upload again.

btw, found the Wimpy Kids book series last saturday..i wondered why it "sounded" familiar until i recalled about Ilham reading it...mmm...quite expensive over here.

I amsterdam said...

How much over there? I bought through the school, a set of 3 books costs euro 15 (paperback). Recently I bought a set of 4 books(including the latest book-Dog Days) for a M'sian boy and it costs him euro22.

In the bookshop the book is euro 12(hardcover). That was what I had to pay for the latest book last week since Ilham wanted it so much, terpaksa beli juga :(

Want me to buy for you? Kalau the school give the flyers again?

Cheqna said...

if tak silap mph that day ~ paperback rm35(+-) and hardcover rm45 (+-) each..

what's d exchange rate from euro to rm? tak pe lah, saje je curious to know..but just in case, do let me know..hehe..



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