Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey, I'm Dumpi

Who are you?

Hey ! I'm Dumpi !

Dumpi? Who is Dumpi?

I'm Dumpi, the crumpled paper bag. I'm on a mission to stop world-wide waste to save the planet !!!

And here I am .......

That is what Ilham decided to be for Book Character Dress Up day last Friday, after deliberating between "Greg" from Diary of The Wimpy Kid, a vampire and a penguin (yuck, he said). My dear husband then suggested that maybe he should be Dumpi instead since they just bought the book "World-wide Waste" the week before. Ilham jumped on the idea, and both of them were buzy trying to "transform" him into a recycled bag. They couldn't get a big enough brown paper bag(or paper), so finally they decided to use the rubbish bag instead. My DH painstakingly tried to make a hole to fit Ilham's big head and two holes for the arms to get through. I personally thought that the neck was too big on Ilham (alas, he is not a tailor!). The next morning, I redesigned another bag just like the real Dumpi in the book, complete with the strings tied at the neck, an orange hat and green glove.

I, actually had doubts about Ilham being Dumpi and wearing a rubbish bag, well I'm a mother!! I do not want him to be teased and made fun by other children! But I kept quiet, and did not voice out my thoughts for I did not want him to be self-conscious and also gave him negative ideas which he never realise before. I wanted him to be brave and dare to be different.

His classmates and other friends were curious and kept asking "who are you". His EAL teacher said that was a good idea, his Dutch teacher teasingly wanted to put paper in him so that he could recycle the paper and his karate trainer commented that it was good for the environment and that we must take care of our planet etc..etc.. !!

I'm glad that I did not discourage him...


Cheqna said...

Good one!

I'm so jealous...u all are having a good time over there with so many activities.


I amsterdam said...

Take three months off(no visa needed) and join us here :)))

We would be most glad to have you here !!!

Cheqna said...

tq, tq..i wish i could lari there too..hehe..


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