Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Student-Led Conference

Student-Led Conference provides an opportunity for student to show parents their learning and works which they are proud of. During the conference students are in charge, not the teacher and not parents. The students will guide and share their selected works and and talk about their learning experiences, what they think they do best and the things which they find challenging or difficult. They will also talk about their goals for the rest of the year and how they are going to achieve it. They are encouraged to speak and talk in their mother tongue or their most comfortable language.

The teacher will act as facilitator and will be there to support and guide the students and help to maintain focus on the learning and to confirm student goals for the rest of the year. Now, the role of the parents is to encourage students to talk confidently about their learning and achievements. We are asked to be sensitive to our child's feeling as sometimes their thoughts and opinions may not be a true reflection of their ability and achievements. If we have any concerns, we may talk to the teacher at another time.

Ilham's conference was on the 26th March at 2.10 pm. His EAL teacher was also there, which was a disappointment because I had already made an appointment to see him separately at 3 pm !! I had so much to ask him and the conference did not allow me to do that because time was limited. Apart from that, everything went well. Ilham said he likes Grade 2 and he likes Unit Of Inquiry the best. He thinks he is a good reader and can spell hard and difficult words :) He likes reading a variety of books and his favourite is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. He finds mathematics rather challenging (in other words difficult). His goals are to improve his cursive hand writing (which is messy) and to practice Mathematics at home.
He showed me his "book" called "The Dragon and The King", which according to the teacher he wrote himself based on a folktale during the previous Unit Of Inquiry.

That is a very nice and long story Ilham, keep writing.... And I can see why you want to improve your handwriting !!!

Don't worry, Mama will ensure that you practice at home ok. Ms Kimura had already given me the book on "Handwriting" to photocopy :)


Cheqna said...

Well done Ilham! and good luck in achieving his goals.

Nice story there, complete with the "we are the champion" song! hehe...). Do nurture his creative side!


I amsterdam said...

During the first conference in September 2009, he said that he wanted to write a book. He had already started on it, something about an unusual egg, waiting to be hatched. When asked, he did not decide yet what kind of animal egg it was... Somewhere along the line, the book was forgotten...

So this time, we will strive hard to make sure that his goals are achieved...


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