Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dutch Language

Yesterday I had an appointment to see Ilham's Dutch teacher, somebody whom I had wanted to meet because she gave good remarks on his Dutch in the December School Report. I was curious you see. Since Friday 26th and Monday 29th were Student-Led Conference for Lower School, I decided now is a good time to go and see her.

I was surprised to find out that Ilham is in Intermediate class. I thought he was still in Culture (for new students) where they learn about Dutch culture, food, celebrations etc. I assumed that new students will be in Culture class for about a year of joining the school.

Then Ms Murphy gave me a very interesting news, Ilham is her best student in the class!!! Now, I do not know exactly what they learn in Intermediate level, but it made me really happy when she said that! According to her, Ilham can speak good Dutch and that he sounds like a Dutch when he speaks. Wow! that impresses me! At the rate he is going, he will be in Advance class next school year in August. That is pretty fast she said, because some children take about 2 years in Intermediate level before they can go to Advance. Then, they can join the class where the native Dutch students learn. She really likes having him in the class and that she does not want him to go to another teacher. It seems that he always motivate the other children, helping them to pronounce correctly. She jokingly said that he was her assistant in the class, something like a second teacher. Ilham was sure happy when she said that.

Now I know why Ilham received "Exceed Expectation" under Dutch Language in his school report in December. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that, and I had been wondering whether the teacher made a mistake. Normally teachers refrain from giving Exceed Expectation in the report, they normally give Meet Expectation.

I never really heard him speak Dutch, perhaps because there is no one for him to speak to at home :) But normally I would ask him the meaning of the words and he was able to explain most of them.

I am glad that I met the teacher, it was so wonderful to hear her said all those things. Though I couldn't help wishing that he have the same progress on Muqaddam....


Cheqna said...

That's wonderful!..memang something that u really should be proud of....i do!..hehehe..

boleh laa ajar u after this whatever he learns in his class so that u can converse in Dutch..


I amsterdam said...

Ha.. I found that learning something new at this age is very trying. A few days ago I said "Hoe gaat het met je" to my friend's mertua, and she did not understand me ha..ha..

I was actually trying to impress her, but to no avail :)) My accent must have been terrible...


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