Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trip To London 1

Finally we were in London huray !!! It is one of the places to visit by Ilham. We departed from Schippol around 9.10 am on Thursday, March 25th with our friends and their kids. The children were very excited, even the windy weather and the drizzle failed to dampen their spirits. I have a feeling that a raging storm outside would not have an impact on them. They just couldn't stop laughing or make fun at each other.

Tasting the red juicy strawberries at Gatwick Airport, hmm... yummy

After placing our baggages at the place where we were staying, we went to Oxford Street. It was just the same as I remembered, full of people, but somehow the Marble Arch did not look as big as before. Maybe because I was young then and felt that London was so overpowering, but now 18 years after I left the place and being so much older and wiser, it did not have the same frightening feeling anymore. While the mothers were shopping at Primark and other shops, the children and the fathers went to the Dinosaur Unleashed Convention. They had fun with the dinosaurs, we did too :)

Oxford Street with its street vendor and double decker bus.

The next day, we started our journey by taking the tube to Marble Arch. When I showed Ilham the Pizza Hut where I used to work, he looked at me in amazement.

"Is this the place? Is this where you worked Mama?"

Then, we took a bus to Piccadily Circus where we spent a few hours at Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum. It was educational and informative and the children had a wonderful time there.

The smallest car and the intricate paintings on sunflower seeds

And look at what I found interesting.....

An article on Malay woman. I supposed that must be daun keladi.


I wonder what they did with the corpses?

And then, off we went to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery but the pigeons were no longer there!! What a pity, taking pictures with the pigeons on my palm, shoulder and all around me was one of my sweetest memory in Trafalgar Square. I was hoping that Ilham would have the same sweet experience...

All these walking and taking pictures were making us hungry, so in we went to Jom Makan, a fairly new restaurant at the corner of Trafalgar Square.

Colouring activities while waiting for our food....

Jom makan............

After dinner, we thought of going into the National Gallery, but then the kids decided they wanted to go to Hamleys the toy shop. So in the end, the fathers took the kids to Hamleys while the mothers continue shopping :)

That was the end of our second day......

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