Friday, March 5, 2010

Internet Problems

So many things had happened since my last entry, but I couldn't write because the internet line had been very bad... Ilham & classmates had their Invention Convention in 2JK, there was Global Village at the ISA and also our trip to London. I told myself that if the line is still not allright after we come back from London, I want to change it to another company. And guess what, after we came home from London last Sunday,the line is ok now... It is funny really. I didn't do anything to the computer, I did not even pull out the wire and put them back again to ensure proper connection(as was required when my line was disconnected). Now I know for sure that it is not my computer/wire/modem's fault, it must be the service !!! Anyway, I hope that the internet line will not give me a headache anymore :)

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