Thursday, March 25, 2010

Invention Convention

The Unit of Inquiry on Invention was officially ended with the exhibition of the grade 2 works. Parents were invited to view and querry their child's invention. They were also encouraged to visit other childrens' works as well.

The following questions are sample of what the parents should ask :

What does your invention do?

How does it work?

Who would buy your invention?

How does your invention affect peoples' lives?

Did you work alone?

What was the hardest part in making your invention?

Is there anything that you would want to change?

The children really had a fun time entertaining the parents. They each had a laptop to assist them. It was very interesting indeed. One child had invented Mr Wake Up With Water Machine.
It was a machine designed to pour cold water on your face in the morning !! It definitely will ensure the person wakes up!! Another child had invented a Scooper Pooper, I suppose there is no need to mention about its purpose eh... :) And then, there was this 360 Tooth Brusher, designed to ensure that your teeth are 1oo% clean on all angles. There was this Sticker Chair, designed to ensure kids do not fall off their chair. The idea came to this boy who had his friend fell off the chair and hurt himself.

Last but not least, The Sleep Thousand designed to help people sleep better and not sleep for a thousand days!! So, who was the inventor? My son of course!! I should be honoured because he invented it to help me sleep better at night !! Isn't that sweet of him. He initially wanted to design a robot that can read his mind and help him write in his diary and also a robot that can do his homework for him. Obviously someone do have a problem of writing in his own diary and probably a bit "lazy" to do his homework!! But then, the teacher said the invention must be something to assist and improve people lives and not something that will prevent you from doing your job and responsibility.

Ilham answering questions from visitors

All these wonderful inventions must be patented, otherwise someone will steal your idea and make a huge profit from it. So the ISA had helped the children to get their patents !!

Receiving the patent award for the design of The Sleep Thousand

I think the UOI does foster the idea of being an inventor in the children. Regardless of what they design or how the final invention looks like, it makes them think "maybe I should design this.... to help people....." when they encounter a problem.

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Cheqna said...

This a very good, teaching young kids to be creative and inventive.

CONGRATS to Ilham!

n yes, so very nice of him inventing for you, letting go of his needs...but he can always create his robot..hehehe..



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