Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snow and Fun, Fun, Fun

It has been amost three weeks since my last posting and it's not because I didn't have time to write, but it's simply because of internet problems. It's very frustrating !!! Somehow I feel lost when I couldn't read the news and of course those blogs I frequently visit :)

Anyway, so many things have happenned in the last two weeks. Ilham fell off the bike on the slippery snow turned ice on the first day back to school. Luckily there was no car at the time and no injury either. We were still in the housing area when it happened but that's where the danger is. The area was slippery because of the ice, once you were on the "fietspad" or cycling path, the road was free of snow/ice.
During the first week of January more snow had fallen. In fact, right now there is still snow in our garden and the opened space but it's starting to melt now. It was snowing heavily one day, when we were going home from school. It's an interesting experience cycling on the fresh snow, the sound of crunching ice accompanied us as we pedaled along and sometimes you could hardly see as the snow flakes kept getting into the eyes. The normally 15 minute journey took almost 45 minutes to reach home, longer because someone kept stopping to play in the snow and of course the photography sessions....

In front of ISA ..................... Cycling home

Ilham had a chance to snow sled again on the small hill not far from the house. Here's some photos and video of him enjoying himself :)

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