Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm Sorry Teacher

Dear Ms Kimura,

Sorry of what happened about the broken ruler. I feel sorry. And I will never do it again.....

This is the apology letter that Ilham wrote to his teacher for breaking the school ruler in class. I suppose it's not so much about breaking a small plastic ruler but it's about instilling a sense of responsibility inside a kid not to destroy common property. By making the student write it down, he is aware that he has done a wrong and should do something about it. Not only that, the letter should also be acknowledged by a parent.

There was no angry lecture, just a calm explanation that the behaviour is not acceptable.


Cheqna said...

Dear I.a

What a good way in "disciplining"..May Ilham grows up to be a good and kindhearted person...and be successful in his life..

and may be we could learn something from this too.


I amsterdam said...

Ameen to your doas. I certainly learn something, it never too small a thing or never too young to start disciplining. Writing the letter is a good way :)


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