Monday, January 18, 2010


My intention of writing about Ilham's schooling here in The Netherlands has somehow been sidetracked by all this snow thing. I couldn't help writing about it because for one thing, Holland had not had this much of snow for years and who knows, there might be no snow next year right? The Dutch certainly did not expect it because they run out of salt in the stores and also the companny that supply it. Imagine that, the roads would be dangerous and slippery because of that!!!

I suppose I should now start something on Ilham's schooling. As I said earlier, Ilham is in class 2JK. It's a cheerful,colourful and interesting room with lots and lots of books. The walls are decorated with children's work and writing and there are a lot of materials to use, coloured papers, scissors, glue sticks, coloured pencils, folders etc... Each child has a small drawer of their own to put their personal stuff like pencils etc. I certainly love it, I suppose if I were kid, I would look forward to come to school everyday.

The school encourage parents participation. Every month, there is a "brain game" in the class and 4/5 parents would volunteer to come and be involved in the game with the children. They also has Mystery Reader every 2 weeks. Parents/sibling are invited to be the reader. The children would try to guess whom the Mystery Reader is. There are also volunteers to help the teacher. I am one of the volunteers at the class. Every Wednesday afternoon from 1 until 3.30pm, I would help the teacher doing small things like photostating, cutting, pasting paper and laminating. Another mother comes in on Thursday to help out. By being a volunteer, I have access to the classroom and have a chance to see the childrens' work. It's nice to be involved in that way....

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