Saturday, January 30, 2010


Fluffy Trooper - that's the name given to her by Ilham. Fluffy, because her fur was sooo soft and Trooper, because he's into Star Wars at the moment :)

We had to buy her about a month ago when Ilham refused to budge from the cage and insisted that he was big enough to care for a pet. Who would have thought that a shop (well, a big one) selling plants and gardening tools would also sell pets like hamster, rabbit and fish! He said the hamster would be his pet and friend, and that he had no one to play with at home. But now, he could play with her and would not bother mama anymore especially when she's cooking...

So, that's how Fluffy ended being part of the family. Despite my initial disapproval of having her around, I had to admit that Fluffy grudgingly won me over. I looked forward to seeing her playing on the merry-go-round every night. Our quite nights watching the movie was never the same again, for Fluffy also liked to go on the merry-go-round during that time!! And the thing made so much noise that it drowned out the volume from the TV.

As for Ilham, even though he said that he would like to play with Fluffy, he's so ticklish that he couldn't bear to hold her in his bare hands!! He had to use this so called Anti Fluffy Biting and Scratching Gloves (see pictures above). He even looked scared when holding her, scared in case Fluffy climbed up the sleeve!! Shame on you Ilham...

But Fluffy was so quiet yesterday when we got home from school. She did not come out to play while we were watching TV that night and I realised that I did not hear the merry-go-round in the morning and afternoon either. In fact, I was sure I did not hear her the night before as well. So I asked Ilham to check in the small house in the cage. He had to pull out a lot of cotton before he could touch her, but Fluffy did not try to climb out, she did not even bite him for disturbing her sleep. She laid there unmoving... for Fluffy had died.

Ilham cried and cried becoz he had lost a pet and a friend.

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