Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shaun the Sheep

As I mentioned in my earlier post "Pirates of The Caribbean", there was this wonderful display of farms and farm equipments and animals made by children of a particular year group at the school. The next day I checked again and found that they had finished arranging the whole thing complete with the title and all. It was a surprise to find that the wonderful works were actually done by Foundation 1 children. Now had it been done by Year 2 or maybe Year 1 group, I would not be so surprised. I'm of the opinion that Foundation 1 children are a bit too young to be creating this wonderful artworks. The works were much, much too neat !!! Could it be that I have underestimated these 3/4 year olds motoring skill? I know that in creating these works, teachers and volunteer mums do assist the children... but to what extend is the assistance given? I remember last year at the ISA, Grade 2 (7/8 year olds) were making and creating their own inventions. The quality of the works were lower, perhaps because they did it themselves. The teachers guided them through the process of course. Unfortunately I did not take many photographs on that day, but you may view some of the invention works including dear Ilham's by clicking at "Invention".

Anyway, regardless of how much assistance were given to complete the tasks, I still marvel at the ideas that they came up with. They were so creative!!! Now to be honest if it were left up to me, it would never occurred to me to do it that way !!! So let us see these wonderfully created farms, equipments and animals. If we look closely, the materials used were ordinary stuff like boxes, aluminium and paper cupcake cases, coloured papers, cotton, the hard paper inside the toilet rolls, shredded papers and others.

A pigsty

Chicken barn. Sticking pink papers on the roof makes it so lively...

Another pigsty

Sheep barn. Those sheep are so cute, reminds me of Shaun the Sheep :D

A tractor

I'm not sure what kind of barn this one is :D

Another sheep barn - the paint was definitely applied by the kid :D

I truly enjoyed taking the photos and uploading them here on the blog. Who knows it might come in handy in the future :D


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Old McDonald had a farm...e.i.e.i.o..... or could it be Old McDonald had a fastfood restaurant...big mac big mac o.... har har har *evil laughs*

Cheqna said...

creative laa this kids..we could learn with them as well..hehe..

aiyaa..not big mac o laa..its double properity o...hehehe..

Mum of Ilham ~ if I'm not asleep by midnite, I'd changed the channel to cartoon network, currently they have "Shaun the sheep" show every weekdays..hehehe..


TK said...

Activity ni pun sgt interesting.
Memang comel la the sheeps and yg pink tu..hehe. Kreatifnya dorang.

i amsterdam said...

Mama Cats,

Old Mcdonald had a farm..
Big mac big mac oo..
You are so so cruel..
Only fish fillet fot me here (sob,sob..)

i amsterdam said...


We loveee Shaun the Sheep :D

i amsterdam said...


Cute kan little piggy tu he..he..he..


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