Friday, February 18, 2011

Pirates of The Caribbean

I was picking Ilham up from his Large Art session yesterday when I realised that the school had placed new works made by the children at the common area. The bright colourful works definitely attracted my attention. There were various shapes of farms and farm equipments and animals from which year group I'm still uncertain. And there were also displays of pirate ships from Year 2 classes. The pirate ships were designed and created in the class with I believe, the help of some mothers. I'm not sure under which subject they learn this, but I know that they take quite a long time to finish, perhaps a full term. Recently the chidren dressed up as pirates as part of their school activities.

Let us see the various shapes and colours of these pirate ships of Leidschenveen !!!

Year 2 is equivalent to Tahun 1

Even though I really like and enjoy seeing the designs of the colourful pirate ships and wouldn't mind going off on one of them sailing the seven seas with the likes of Will Turner or even Jack Sparrow for that matter, but I couldn't help wondering on the practicality and rationality of the chosen activity. I for one would rather they design and create the latest rocket which would perhaps transport future astronauts to Mars or even Pluto.

But then, learning need not be so practical right???


Cheqna said...

Like their designs..creative and colourful,..would enjoy the trips to seven seas..hehe

and I quite like one "Pirates" movie(how many are there?)..that guy who played Jack looked quite handsome..yet I can't remember his name!..haha..


i amsterdam said...

I saw and enjoyed all of them, but I cannot remember how many!!! It's Johny Depp dear Cheqna :D

TK said...

Hey I like those pirate ships! Interesting children's art work. They would have to be imaginative and creative to come up with their own designs. Itu seni namanya. A good lesson.

i amsterdam said...

Hi TK,

Each one is special in their own unique ways right?

Nana said...

Good job!
The color was bright, each creation was unique! I love their work! It doesn't have to be practical as long as it is something the kids are excited about. It is good to explore their imagination!

i amsterdam said...

Hi Nana,

I think children are not the only ones who loves bright colourful things like the ships. Even us parents are very excited!!!

Ein Auzai'y said...

so creative.....nice and colourful....

nice knowing you.....visit from malaysia

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
Any pix of my darling Ilham in full pirate regalia? Always wish for that black pearl of Jack Sparrow that can take me to the four corners of the world. And Orlando Bloom.....aaaaahhhhh...... purrr....meow!

i amsterdam said...

Hi Ein!!

TQ for the visit :D

Btw, I've visited your blog and saw a few cows there :D dear Ilham would probably run amok in fear !!! I tried to comment... but had difficulty in clicking on the comment button...

i amsterdam said...

Dear Angelina,

What a pity.. darling Ilham is in Year 4 and already missed the boat..err the ship :D why would Jack Sparrow take a cat with him on the black pearl when he could have the company of lovely Keira!!


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