Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saturday Surprise

Saturday 12th February was such a good day. I woke up early and was in the mood for cooking. Made some "tahu sumbat ikan" to bring to a friend's house for lunch and also made "mee goreng" (fried noodle) for our breakfast. Then off we went to Zoetermeer for Ilham's swimming lesson. When we arrived at the pool we were given a letter, a surprise really....

Ilham's swimming exam for B Diploma is on the 5th of March !!! Hooray !!! Ilham is going to get B Diploma !!! That was a nice surprise and we did not expect that. For one thing, he had only undergone 4 lessons previously, Saturday 12th February was his 5th lesson, and yet he qualified to get B Diploma !!! When Ilham joined the lessons on 5th January, he joined halfway through a lesson block, most kids had joined much earlier. So, we did not really expect him to qualify for March exams. But he did so well on that first day during the testing by the trainers (trainers will see and judge where a kid's status is before they informed us whether he joins the correct group), and the lessons afterwards. His diving has improved (thanks to his mother he..he..) and he has more confident swimming underwater and go through the hole. This time, he will be tested with other Dutch kids who are most probably younger than him :D In fact, one of the kids in his group is only 5 years old !!!

Let's hope that he will be well and healthy for the next few weeks and on the exam day itself. Flu cases seem to be everywhere nowadays. In fact a few weeks ago, I read that H1N1 cases had suddenly increased. I really thought the cases had been dormant for quite sometime !!

Then after swimming, we went to Amsterdam to have lunch at a friend's house. We had been served by our gracious host with masak lemak ikan mackerel with rebung, ayam masak merah, sup tulang, sambal belacan hijau (Indon style), nasi impit, kuah kacang, bingka labu, pisang salai, jeruk buah2an and fruits and kopi Malaysia.....

Unbelievably, we sat at there the kitchen table from about 2 o'clock until 8 o'clock, stuffing and keep stuffing our stomachs with food and countless round of coffee, moving only to the bathroom and solat !!! Then we continued with dinner, with additional dishes of stir-fried flat bean and ikan terubuk masin digoreng cili & bawang (I loved this)!!! Since I forgot to take pictures of our sumptuous lunch and dinner, let us see my tahu sumbat ikan instead.

What a wonderful day....


Cheqna said...

Congrats Ilham (and his mummy of course :-) )...and good luck on the 5th nanti!

tahu sumbat ikan? that's interesting...I love tahu sumbat(d veggie ones..hehe) with kuah kacang..esp during Ramadhan...mmm..


i amsterdam said...

He..he.. TQ Cheqna, insyaAllah :D

Tahu sumbat ikan is very nice, I used cod filet, blend it and mix with spring onion/daun sup/carrot, salt, black & white pepper.. yummy.

Naz said...


Alas, after all the description of food galore, no pics! So tak aci ok...hahaha!

Good luck, Ilham. YOU can do it. No problem!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Ilham dear, will you be my personal lifeguard? Kena pakai the Aussie red and orange uniform, OK? purrr....meow!

I refuse to say anything about food that's not accompanied by pix. Nyampah tau!

TK said...

Meleleh air liur baca senarai lauk2 that you had..Walaupun duduk kat Malaysia kadang2 tak jumpa pun all those delicious food. Tambah2 lagi I ni malas nak masak..
Kat malaysia pun byk H1N1 cases cuma tak dihebohkan je. Hospital staffs told me this.
Good luck to Ilham for the next swimming exam..

i amsterdam said...

Waalaikumsalam Naz,

Bila makan rebung dgn sambal hijau tu memang lupa dunia.. ingat perut je, as it happens itu je I makan pun.. sebab memang hantu ikan & rebung!!!

TQ for the wish.. :D

i amsterdam said...

Dear Angelina,

I'll gladly be your lifeguard!! You can sit on my shoulder when we go swimming he..he.. - Love from Ilham

Burp!! burp!! sedap ikan... burp!! burp!! har..har.. - Mama Ilham

i amsterdam said...


Kawan kita tu memang pandai masak & cekap.. yg buat karipap dulu tu!!
Kalau gi rumah dia memang penuh meja.. tu pulak dia rajin mencuba!! Kawannya yg datang dari Antwerp sampai kena cari minyak panas- terlampau banyak makan hahahaa..

TQ for the wish, ni dia sakit tekak pulak, harap tak melarat :(


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