Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Going For Diploma A !

The much awaited letter has arrived! Ilham is invited to attempt for Diploma A swimming tomorrow !! These are the requirements that he has to do....

He is very excited about it. Let's hope that he will be able to perform well especially on diving and swimming through the hole, floating on his front and going under the line and turning to his back !!

Must not forget the shorts, T-shirt, shoes and socks tomorrow!!

Go for it Ilham !!!


Cheqna said...

Good Luck Ilham!..kecik2 dah boleh nak dapat diploma...this cheqna always try to avoid going to the pool area, unless if she can sit down beside it and read novels...hehe

I know u can do it...yeah..Go for it Ilham!


TK said...

Good Luck to Ilham. I am sure Ilham can do it!


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