Sunday, June 13, 2010

Diploma A At Last !!

So many things had happened in the last ten days. We were involved in Malaysian Food Fair at the embassy on 5th and 6th of June. We also had a family of five arriving from Malaysia on that same Sunday. They were here until Thursday and to be honest things were quite tiring and hectic for me. In fact today, a quiet day at home is also not possible. We have to go to the Ambassador's Residence for the Keamatan Open House. So many things to write and yet somehow so little time to do it. That is why the blog has been "neglected" in the last few days.

I really would prefer to write about these things, but first I feel that I should write about Ilham's Diploma Swimming. Thank you to Cheqna and TK for their good luck wishes to Ilham. Yes!! Ilham has succeeded in getting his A Diploma !

With much enthusiasm, Ilham and his best friend Daigo were the first to jump in the water to be tested. Lets see them... Ilham was in green shorts and white shirt.

I was proud that he swam very well. They had to wear T-shirt and shorts on top of the swimming trunk, that was easy. The difficult thing was the shoes, it was heavier in the water. Off they jumped and glide..and kick..and glide..and pull etc. Bravo !!

Then, came the dive and swim through the hole and swim 50 metre breast stroke and 50 metre backstroke. I have to say that Ilham dived almost to the hole! Certainly much, much better than his diving 3 weeks earlier! Let's see him dive. He was wearing the blue shorts (almost hidden by the teacher)

Since all Diploma A, B and C were done at the same time, I managed to get a video clip of this grade 2 girl. She was trying for her Diploma C. She was small but very good, she got her A Diploma in November, her B Dip. in February and now her C Dip. in June. She was wearing the black swimsuit.

Receiving the Diploma at last...

Ilham and Daigo

Congratulations Ilham and Daigo !!!


Cheqna said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!..He looked so confident during the whole process..u must be proud :-)

TK said...

Congratulation to Ilham and the proud mummy also...Seronok tgok Ilham swimming. Auntie tak tau berenang camtu..masuk2 air terus tenggelam..hehe

I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,
I'm truly proud of him :)and he IS confident now. He had been working so hard to get the dip. We have been browsing the internet, learning how to dive, that's how he improves !!!

I amsterdam said...

Dear TK,
Mummy Ilham is so happy. Mummy Ilham dulu pun x tau juge berenang, tapi dek kerana keinginan yg sangat mendalam, 4 kali belajar with 4 orang cikgu dlm tempoh err.. 18 tahun!?? Akhirnya berjaya renang breaststroke dlm bulan Feb 2008 (we came here Mac)he..he.. Tapi masih takut nak masuk deep pool yg Ilham renang tu !!!
TK, masih tak terlewat untuk belajar renang !!!

Cheqna said...

This cheqna is scared of water..anything to do with the zodiac sign ram @ goat?...hehehe..

I amsterdam said...


Are u a goat zodiac? No wonder u r scared of water he..he..


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