Saturday, March 24, 2012

Around The World In My 10 Years

I love the project homework this term (Term 2), most parents love it but you will find that most kids sure hate it. Why???? Because it involves lots of writing !!! That's why. . .

The homework actually covers Literacy and Geography. Imagine what my dear son has to do every week . . . I just know that he won't like it :D

So what do the kids have to do? The kids need to produce works which will be compiled in school into their very own book titled "Around The World In My 10 Years". They have until Friday 30th March to complete the book (which is about 12 weeks from the beginning of term). The contents should have pictures, diagrams, maps and text in the book.

Front page of the guidelines

A set of ideas of what to include in the making of the book have been included in the guidelines(above) for the kids' and parents' reference. Among them are :
  • Make a list of all places which means something to you.
  • On an outline of the world map, carefully plot all these places.
  • Write about a memorable journey you have experienced
  • Make a map of the area around your house. Include at least 3 other streets and any street furniture (like lamp post, litter bins etc)
  • make a survey of something you can study in your local area.
  • Write a travel report about a place you have visited. What are the good parts?
  • Write a review about what it is like to live in the Netherlands
  • Research about animals in one of your countries.
  • Write an article about the similarities and differences about two different schools you have been to.
  • Make some International Food from a place you know well. Write out the recipe and take photographs of the finished food.
  • Prepare a list of handy phrases in English and the language that you are familiar with.
  • Research weather maps, learn the symbols and make a whather map of a typical day in your chosen place.
  • Make a quiz to go with your book (answers should be found in the book!!!)
and many, many more. . . .

Don't you love it? I do, I think this book idea is simply brilliant, it covers a lot of elements. And if you really follow the ideas included in the guidelines, the kids shall learn a lot of things from writing, mapping, making diagrams etc. There are so many things to include (or rather I try to persuade my son to include) that I think 12 weeks is not enough!!!

Imagine, one brief travel report can actually take 2 weeks the way DS writes. He has such a terrible handwriting that he needs to erase all the time, further the hands are not fast enough for the ideas that sometimes come into his head. Not to mention the fact that he does not like to proof read what he writes. How many times do I have to tell him "always reread what you write!!!"

Despite all these hurdles I do love the homework this term, but I'm quite sure that DS doesn't!!!


Al-Manar said...

This is truly fantastic. Your child is very lucky to have to do so many varied activities. How I wish our schools in Malaysia would look into these novel ideas instead of making children waste their time in cocurricular activities and lengthy unproductive extra classes.

May I seek some information on school activities here. If that is possible please say so. My mail:

Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

Interesting project..good luck and have fun doing it with Ilham!


i amsterdam said...

Dear Al-Manar,

I just emailed you something. Hope you will find it beneficial.

And I wish children of Malaysia will enjoy learning without having to worry about exams..

i amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

My patience is surely tested!!

Azrey Rozie Eiman said...

Menarik! Sure berkobar2 nak buat

i amsterdam said...

Azrey Rozie Eiman,

Ibunya saja yang berkobar2 tak jadi juga :)

Wan Sharif said...

I hope Ilham has finished the homework..

i amsterdam said...

Wan Sharif,

:D Yes the homework was finally completed last week. DS has never been happier...

Throughout last week, we helped the kids to sew in the pages and assist them in wrapping the covers. Completed all of 40 odds books on Friday. Now they just have to finish pasting their homework into the book pages. They will do it when the school reopens in mid April.


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