Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Di Pagi Raya... Terkenang Daku...

This is our second Aidul Fitri celebration in Holland. Despite feeling sad and just recovered from fever, I feel that I must cook something in case people turn up on Hari Raya. But I am glad that my DH had invited two students and another family student to spend raya with us. The two guys came the day before and they help us make rendang and ketupat palas. They even vacumned the whole house and rearranged the living room that now I couldn't find my recently bought rotan :) Even Ilham couldn't find his favourite hamster because the cage had been moved to a more secluded place :)) Its a shame that the other family student couldn't make it on malam raya, but they arrived early the next morning in time for us to have breakfast and go for prayer at the embassy together. Their presence made our lebaran lively, interesting and much much more bearable. They helped us entertain our guests later in the afternoon. Thank you guys and thank you Ija & family, make sure you people come early on Aidil Adha ok :))

Bersiap sedia untuk makan pagi sebelum bertolak ke Embassy

My handsome two anak angkat, hmmm masih bujang tau... :)

My other family angkat and their children, kira anak angkat juga le kan

Jom kita raya kat embassy pulak lepas ni...


hana said...

Assalamualaikum kak..
salam aidilfitri dari kanazawa,japan... sronoknyer tgk sambutan ari raya kat sana. sungguh meriah... salam kenal juga dari saya. :)

Jebat Modern said...

Salam,segaknya di pagi raya...kalau berkesempatan next year raya kat sini pulak..:-)
Kami pun lepas solat sunat edulfitri, pergi ke N9 melawat pusara..

I amsterdam said...

Waalaikumsalam Hana,

TQ for visiting my blog yg tak seberapa ni :)

I amsterdam said...

Dear Jebat Modern !!

Welcome to bloggers world!!

Lama juge duk fikir siapa Jebat ni? Namanya tersangatla familiar... :))

Bila nak letak entry baru?


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