Monday, January 30, 2012

Penangan Junior MasterChef Australia

Who doesn't love the Junior MasterChef Australia series? We loved it, tried not to miss the show every weekday. It was amazing seeing these children aged 9 to 12 years come up with various mouth watering dishes, most of it I have never cooked!!! The fact that these children cooly and calmly cooking in the time given never cease to amaze me. Why. . .  I would probably freak out !!!

Anyway, watching the series inspired DS to become little chef himself and he always claimed that he could do this and he could do that whenever he saw them cooking. The fact that he never cooked  seemed to skip his mind. He does have a lot of confidence though. . . .

Seeing his eagerness to become little chef, I decided that his next homework project would be cooking !!! Last term, they learned all about Ancient Greek in History. When I say "all", it means ALL from how the Greek dress, their gods and goddess, the various myths Achilles, Pandora Box, their prowess in wars and naturally what they ate and drank. So, one of the homework that the children may (they need not) do is to prepare a Greek dish, write the recipe and record how they make them !!!

This is great !!!! I searched the internet for super duper easy Greek recipes and easy to find ingredients and all I have to do now is standby with my camera.

So here is our future Junior MasterChef wannabe :-

Spanakopita Cheese Triangles

And let's see the making of Spanakopita Cheese Triangles. . .

The ingredients
Steam or boil spinach
Chop onion
Saute onion
Crumble feta cheese and add in ricotta cheese
Add in egg into cheese mixture
Stir in sauted onion and spinach, mix well
Season with salt and pepper
Add a bit of olive oil and melted butter
Brush filo pastry with olive/butter mixture, fold it twice and brush every time
Place a spoonful of spinach mixture
Fold it so it becomes triangle
Fold upwards until it reaches the end
Brush the end with more olive/butter
Ready to bake
Bake at 180 celcius for 20 minutes or until golden

It became our dinner that night, hmmm not bad really :D

We printed the step by step photos and turn them into a booklet as his homework. He received 2 extra points, for printing the recipe and for making the booklet.

But most importantly, he enjoyed making them and has learned since then to make his own scramble eggs :D 

Mom's Note : Well it's a long way to the day his mother can quit cooking for the family *sigh*


TK said...

Tu dia si master chef. Hmmm....sedapnya...auntie nak sikit!!

i amsterdam said...

Dear TK,

Sebenarnya sedap juga makan panas2, tapi next time kena letak lebih olive/butter dan lebih garam sikit.

Cheqna said...

Wow..congrats Ilham..junior chef in the making and he looked capable in doing all the chores!

Looked delicious too..thanks for the recipe!


i amsterdam said...


Tak usah puji lebih2, mak dia kena kasi step-by-step instructions hahaha

Cheqna said...

mum bg instructions behind the camera, but to see him so confident buat ..and i believe he stood on the stools kat dapur tu? :-D

i amsterdam said...

Ya Cheqna, dia berdiri atas stool tu, tak cukup tinggi hihihi..

Cat-from-Sydney said...

My darling Ilham,
Amboi....dah pandai masak anak mak sorang ni. We would do something similar but we call it cheese and spinach samosa. Next time, dip in hot chutney or thai chili sauce, no need for additional salt. purrrr....meow!

i amsterdam said...

My dear Cat,

Chilli sauce? That's a good idea !! TQ Angie

shamsiah abdul rahman said...

Salam perkenalan dr K.Sham dr bumi pasir berdengung. Mabrook.. kagum tgk hasil air tgn Ilham. Kerja & presentation, very neat indeed. Anak bujang akak baru je pass masak meggi.. itu pun akak kena monitor sipi2..

i amsterdam said...


TQ kerana menjenguk blog kami ni :D Kagum ngan Ilham? Hehehe.. dlm gambar je nampak steady... telur tu yg kedua dia pecahkan, yg pertama dia pecah terus terjun atas lantai!!

lyza said...

Salam kenal.. :)
1st time d sini..kagum saya dengan si bujang tu..walaupun lelaki..ishh sangat ringan tulang..

Tadi jalan2 kt sini..tetiba tgk segmen bola...wah bestnyaaa...kalau la saya dapat join sama.. hehe..

i amsterdam said...

Salam Lyza,

Welcome to our blog :D

Si bujang tu semangat je lebih... usahanya tak seberapa. Bila tengok MasterChef, dia nak jadi Little Chef, bila tengok bola, dia nak jadi Goal Keeper for Netherland!! (bukan M'sia) :D


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