Thursday, May 5, 2011

Miss You Soooo Much

I miss him. Time has never been so slow, I keep checking the time.... What?? Only 15 minutes?? I thought it was ages already.....

I wonder what he is doing now, it's bedtime according to the schedule. Perhaps he is now lying on the bunk bed, clutching the teddy bear (which he started hugging to bed when he knew he would be going to the overnight trip) and perhaps smelling my "smelly" nightshirt, which he wanted to bring so that he would not miss me :D He wanted to bring another hugging pillow as well but it did not fit into the bag, so it had to be left behind.

With Arek, Billy and James at the museum..

I had been wondering how he would sneak the teddy bear under his blanket without his friends knowing. He is a big boy now and doesn't want his friends to know that he still hugs the bear :D Told him to leave it at home. But as it happens, he had nothing to worry, when we reached the school this morning, two of his male friends were having and waving their soft toys. I was so relieved and he was so happy to see that.

He has never been away from both of us at the same time. He had never had a sleepover before, I am very worried and I know that he is worried too. Last night he said he didn't want to go to sleep, he said "if you sleep time will go very fast, then it's morning already....". And earlier, he said that he was worried because I would be left alone without him and his father. That was sweet of him, but I know that he was more worried for the fact that he would be away from us !!! He was very anxious when I sent him this morning. I knew, because he kept repeating "Goodbye mama, have a nice day and good luck in whatever you're doing", saying the same phrase a few times !!!

I am not the only anxious parent, I could tell. All the parents were waving their children and following the bus as it left the compound. And the children, they were waving like mad inside...

The teachers have been understanding, promising to update the parentnet with pictures of the children. They kept their promises so far, posting 4 pictures on the parentnet. He is in 3 of them.

Still, I worry and miss him so much. Is he missing me now ??? I hope not, I want him to sleep really well and have the experience of a lifetime. Ohhhh... time has never been so slow. Ya Allah, please take care of my child and protect him from all the misfortunes, amiin.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aiyo! Mother of Ilham! Ini separation anxiety or withdrawal symptoms? purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...

amiin...hope he's having a good time (and his mum is free from worrying too much, hehe)...can imagine him saying his goodbyes :-)

btw, hope you are well now, am still not so thou today much better (yesterday boss "ordered" me to go back half day..hehe)


Nana said...

So how did the trip go? Bravo mommy! You are excellent! You need a big courage to let go. Which I have not be able to do it yet. :)

i amsterdam said...

Dear Mama Cats,

He..he..he.. whatever it is, I surely had a BAD night !!!

i amsterdam said...


He was having fun during the trip, except bedtime !!! Missing me so much to be able to sleep, but he had company. Two of his roomate were also not asleep !!!

Uhhh uhhh.. you sure had a tiring holidayyy :D

i amsterdam said...

Dear Nana,

Nighttime is surely difficult for me and him !!! He always come to me in the middle of the night, so I know he would have difficult time sleeping. I told him to go & find his teacher when he wakes up & cannot go back to sleep again. That's what he did :D

TK said...

I know it's not easy berjauhan dgn anak..
Teringat hari tu mula2 hantar anak boarding school, first week I yg nangis2 igt kat dia. Now I am getting better. Never thought that being away from my son is gonna hurt so much..

i amsterdam said...


I suppose it's never easy huh !! :D


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