Thursday, March 17, 2011

Year 4 Residential Visit

Ilham shall have an overnight visit to Arnhem, the Netherlands in May. The place is about one hour drive from The Hague. The residential visit is an integral part of the Year 4 curriculum and all children are expected to participate. We shall worry about the overnight stay later, but for now let us see what the children will be doing in Arnhem. On the first day, they will go to Arnhem Openluct Museum (Openair Museum). We had been there last June, it's where they have "actual old different type of houses" from all over the Netherlands. The houses were brought over and rebuilt in the museum area as part of preserving efforts on old houses/buildings. It was quite an interesting visit. We saw many small houses and stairs that explain how the Dutch used to live in the old days and why their staircase are still very steep and small even now !!

On the second day, they will visit Burgers' Zoo where they will learn about tropical rainforest, ocean and desert biosphere. Isn't that interesting !! They learn about nature.... and I especially like it because rainforest is part of home, and I want Ilham exposed to it.

Now I know why they have rainforest decorations at the school !!!

Tigers and lions from boxes....

Aren't they cute???

When I checked on the Burgers' Zoo website (, I was pleasantly surprised !!! The Zoo have certain sections or biosphere (school term) such as The Desert, The Ocean, The Mangrove, The Bush (tropical rainforest) and The Safari. What surprised me was that they also have "The Rimba". Curious, I clicked on it at and what did I find?? It's a Malaysian rainforest !!! Here in the Netherlands !!! Isn't that wonderful !!!!

A pity though Ilham will visit The Bush and not The Rimba. How I hate all "Bushes" !!!


TK said...

Part2 trip ni yang best. Children are very excited about it. I pulak kalau sekolah buat camping kat butan mmg reluctant je nak pegi.
Seriously, I takut masuk rainforest yang sebenar! Pnah skali my students histeria...I pun rasa mcm nak histeria ketakutan.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

I think the Bush could be the Aussie Bush! Swell!!!!! Ilham may meet Mr 'Roo and Mr Koala there. No Mr Dingo I hope. purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...

Ilham surely have fun over there, so many activities.

have a good trip!


Aishah said...

My very soon to be 17 year old son is going to Tasik Kenyir towards end of this month and I am full of concerns.

But I join you in your excitement!;)


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