Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Received this from Ilham for Mother's Day :)

But with a promise not to look inside until Sunday :)

So, I shall not see...

But I think I know already :)

Happy Mother's Day dear friends and all.....


TK said...

Happy Mother's Day dear! My children also insisted me to open their cards today!!

I amsterdam said...

TK !! Happy Mother's Day! Awalnya bangun! Lepas solat pergi tidur balik, then boleh bangun lewat again with breakfast in bed!!

P/S : I baru nak tido ni :)

Cheqna said...

Surely by now u'd "discover" what was inside..hehe..

Sorry a bit late but hope u have had a wonderful "Mother's Day"!

btw, tq so much 4 ur call d other day..miss talking to u endless minutes when u were around here.

Take care dearest fren, hope 2 see u soon!


Cheqna said...

Assalamualaikum...havent heard or seen ur comments in my blog..hope all's well with u n family...

have a pleasant weekend!


I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

Mother's Day started with me slaving away in the kitchen, making "Japchai"-korean noodle for potluck and "terung berlada" for kenduri doa selamat at the embassy. After cooking, off we went to the embassy at 11 am and joined the ladies making karipap for upcoming foodfair. Finished the karipaps around 5.30 pm, then joined the kenduri at 7 pm until 10 pm... sooo tired !!!!

Cheqna said...

pity u..catch good rests whenever u can eh?

take care.



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